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.: About me and this website

My name is Kirk Johnson and I love to travel. Whether its going away for a weekend or doing a year long trip, if I havent been there I want to go there. My aim is to go to as many places as I can and experience as many things possible in the short period of a lifetime including completing as much on my bucket list as possible.

I grew up in Bristol, England. The first big trip I took was after graduating from Exeter university in 2005. I decided I wasn't ready to join the rat race so I played poker for six months and saved up enough to fund a round the world trip in 2006.

I had an amazing time and met some awesome people. When I returned home, I had not so much been biten by the travel bug as consumed by it. I dont think a day went by when I didn't think about traveling, where I'd been or where I wanted to go next. The only problem, as ever, was the funds. In the summer of 2007 I spent two months in Vegas and played in five events of the world series of poker thanks to a promotion with

In April 2008 I decided to start this website to keep track of where I've been, things Ive done and people Ive met along the way. Hopefully I will manage to keep it updated as I go, and I'll keep going as long as I enjoy it...

... Happy Travels!

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